[Must Read]Rules

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[Must Read]Rules

Post by Andrea on Wed May 25, 2016 2:36 pm

    Most Valuable Forum is primary intended for all fans and players of GTA San Andreas/San Andreas Multiplayer.

    Any kind of insult is strictly prohibited, especially on religious, racial or national scale.

    When you open a new topic, be sure to obey the rules. Think of a suitable title and content.

    Excessive use of smileys per one post is strictly prohibited.

    It is forbidden to write posts in uppercase letters, as it is considered yelling.

    It is strictly forbidden the use of piracy, pornography and politics in any way.

    Owning more than one account is forbidden.

    Spam and writing duplicate posts is strictly prohibited.

    It is allowed to use only English language. Other languages on private messages.

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